Canadian Fancyclopedia

An incompleat guide to Twentieth Century Canadian Science Fiction Fandom

Link to the Canadian Fancyclopedia Page

   The Canadian Fancyclopedia is now at a different site location (see below) as part of the Canadian SF Fanzine Archive maintained by R. Graeme Cameron, Archivist for both the British Columbia Science Fiction Association and the West Coast Science Fiction Association of Canada. 


   I've decided NOT to host the CanFanCyclopedia on this site due to space & other limitations.



   This will bring you to the home page of the Canadian SF Zine Archive.

    Place cursor on the heading "Canfancyclopedia" and then scroll down to "Canfancyclopedia -- Fanspeak, Legends and Lore -- (A-Z)," then scroll right to whichever section you want to look at.

   Currently, you can access all entries A to Z. Adding more material and new topics to the Canfancyclopedia is ongoing.

    Note that the Canadian SF Zine Archive site has other pages (apart from the Canfancyclopedia) devoted to clubs, awards, conventions, organizations and zines.

    The zine section hosts several hundred Canadian zines under the heading "Zines You Can Read" from 1937 to today. Feel free to browse. Explore your fannish heritage!

   Meanwhile, take a look at the sample entries on the left to get an idea of what sort of detailed information you will find in the Canfancyclopedia (& the Canadian SF Zine Archive) on Canadian Science Fiction fandom topics, such as descriptions of individual fanzines, conventions, clubs, awards and organizations, as well as info on World Sci-Fi fandom and the evolution of its terminology, slang and legends.

   Then click on the above for the full Canfancyclopedia and have fun browsing!

   Cheers!   The Graeme

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